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Open dialogue: one year of the declaration of the National plan ofHuman rights
On the tenth of December 2012, the National Plan for Human Rights was announced at a ceremony at the headquarters of the Lebanese Parliament, after years of debate and preparation.
Today, on the occasion of one year after the declaration of the plan in the context of the celebration of the International Day for Human Rights and the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture is organizing an open dialogue under the title: " A year of the declaration of the national plan for human rights."
The dialogue aims to re- emphasize the need for a national plan for human rights, what was achieved a year after its launch ? What are the projects and the mechanisms put in place to implement ? What are the obstacles encountered and whether the parliament in its current composition is able to walk in this plan?
Do the plan responded to the priorities of the Lebanese people and the causes of its crisis , or it was just a theory plan ? Did a workshop was organized to review the laws to keep up with local and international conventions plan and overdue reports ? And why the sectarisme was ignored in the plan? Are civil society is poised to push the plan and what is the role expected of it ? What is the role of international organizations and the international community in support of the plan? Do 's announcement of the plan to reduce human rights violations or what? ًWhat is the location of the plan in the UPR on Lebanon in front of the Human Rights Council in Geneva in the year 2015?
These questions and others are the subject of an open dialogue which we organize it with the participation of stakeholders from the officials and experts with competence & Government civilian and international site ensuring the success of the National Plan for Human Rights and activated in order to mobilize civil society organizations to address the deterioration of the risk to the human rights situation in Lebanon. We hope to participate in this dialogue to be held in December 12, 2013 at Holiday Inn-Dune, Verdun at tenth and a half oclock till one oclock in the afternoon .

- To confirm your attendance or apology call the following numbers:
01302631- 03/498869

10/28/2013 Secretary General of the Khiam Rehabilitation
Center for Victims of Torture
Mohammed Safa