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Report about the 2 visits to baabda and kobeh prisons
In the context of it’s visits to Lebanese prisons and to provide health and psychological support , Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture visits too prisons, Kobeh prison of the women on 4/4/2012, and Baabda prison for women on 11/4/2012.
There is in Kobeh prison at Tripoli, 93 prisoners, 7 Lebanese women and 86 foreign from different nationalities, mostly detained without trial.
17 prisoners has been examinated, all of them suffered from infections and lack of iron and vitamins.
There is too prisoners in prison how suffer from psychological and mental disorders, there are no mechanisms to transfer the prisoners to the courts.
The Centre organized a health seminar for common diseases in the prison, 45 prisoners attended it, no attention given to health situation, and there died fetus in the womb of his mother (of Ethiopian nationality) because of lack of health monitoring and medical examination.
The second visit was to Baabda prison for women.
Baabda prison can accommodate 50 prisoners, and now there are 93 prisoners, the room can accommodate 9 prisoners butthey are 21 prisoners.
23 prisoner has been examined and 22 have benefited from X-ray ECHO.
In this prison they are a lacks of medicines, and there is no CHARIOT to examine the prisoners, and threr are non-existent medical supplies, and there is no interest in pregnant women.
What we found through these visits to the prison Baabda and Kobeh prison, that the suffering of women is the same in men's prisons, and that all the promises of officials to improve prison conditions, is still promising, as it possible that the prisoners of Kobeh prison payed money for the repair of the vehicls to take them to court!!! .
The main demands of the prisoners as follows:
1 – A health care and insurance the chronic medicines.
2 - Speed up the trials
3 - Provide vehicls for the transfer of prisoners to the courts
4 - Transfer of mentally ill and drug addicts to healthy places for treatment
5 - Secure cleaning supplies
6 - Investigate the information about the feet of one of the prisoners in the prison of Baabda to sell her child to one of the prisoners under the guise of adoption.

Khiam Rehabilitation Center
for Victims of Torture