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The committee of arrested people are trred of promises and statements
Press conference of Khiam Center, the committee of family of prisoners and the international organization of human rights

Beginning we thanking the Ministers of Health and the Interior and the Director of Internal Security Forces and the parliamentary committee of Human Rights, there visit of Roumyeh prison on 01.24.2012, based on an appeal from Khiam Rehabilitation center and the committee of the families of prisoners and the International Organization for Human Rights, where we sent a report and a list of the health situation dire, and the names of patients in Roumyeh prison and other prisons to the Ministers and other government officials.
This visit was an important step, the two ministers listen to the hugad human tragedy suffered by the prisoners for years and have not received official attention that is required.
Important visit in which he heard their excellencies closely and after uprisings and protests, memoranda, they heard and saw the horror of the crime, and delinquency Hall, Hall of violation of human rights, Hall disrespect for human dignity, Hall of silence and complicity in the massacre carried out against prisoners.
It is not the first visit by officials in the Lebanese government will not be the last and to not be just like its predecessors media visits and promises are fed up and tired of recurrence. Yes, you are fed up with their excellencies the promises and media visits, the two ministers said that a great and important but we are representatives of the detainees, prisoners and their families were disappointed with the visit because its importance were not on the level of tragedy and human suffering in Roumyeh prison . We provid the Ministers a list of the names of the 49 patients suffering from chronic diseases and serious, and 35 suffer from heart disease and 123 suffering from neurodegenerative diseases and 50% suffering from scabies.
We expect and also asked the ministers to enter the prison, along with a medical team multidisciplinary to detect the field for patients and providers with medication required, we expect from their excellencies to meet the pathological extreme cases which can provide it away due to age or severity of the disease, we expect to declare a health emergency in Roumyeh prison and that the ambulances to transport patients to hospitals, we expect from the ministers to go to the meeting of the Council of Ministers and screaming loudest voices: what is going on in Roumyeh prison is a disgrace on the forehead of the Lebanese government and parliament, and that Roumyeh prison is not a prison for people and the government to take extraordinary measures to stop the wheel of death slow in Roumyeh prison , we expect from the visiting team to call the medical team in Roumyeh prison and the doctor on duty if there was a doctor and referred to the Attorney General as a result of non-respect of medical ethics and the lack of reporting on mental health conditions and serious in prison. We expect accountability of successive administrations in prison for the suspicious silence about the health situation in the prison and other prisons, and we also expect some accountability associations collaborating with prison administrations in order to preserve funding and not to preserve the health of the prison and dignity.
We expect accountability of prison administration and the reasons for the deaths of 60 prisoners over the past years and the reasons for flight operations and the introduction of drugs and machetes to prison. We were expecting from the ministers to go to the meeting of the Council of Ministers and in their hands letter of resignation if the government did not immediately address the urgent health status, living and judicial in Roumyeh prison and the release of certain medical conditions, the oldest prison and the events and in spite of all this will not give up waiting to be translated words of the two ministers to plan the work of serious and urgent in order to not be the visit and the expected visit of the Minister of Justice, such as previous visits and promises of a precedent and be completed this visit prisons visited areas and specialy Kobeh prison in the north.
Yes Dear Minister We invite you to visit the Kobeh prison in the north with Doctors and we advise you to do not get a faint at the gate of the prison.
Either on the visit of Minister of Justice and his companions expected: We want to hear from you practical steps: the release of those who completed their sentences, to decide on future trials or release all detainees on bail and the cases of humanity and to pardon her and end the farce of pre-trial detention.
Second and third time we say to their excellencies visitors completed your visits to Kobeh prisons and the others prison on the areas, hoping to hear from you practical steps and not statements to the media.


Khiam Rehabilitation Center For Victims of Torture
International Organization For Human Rights
Committee of family of Lebanese prisoners