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Letter about the health situation and list of sick prisoners in roumyeh prison and the other lebanese prisons
Lebanon have 22 prisons, the largest prison Roumyeh (adults and juveniles), and the rest of the prison is distributed in different areas of Lebanon, all the buildings were not established for that purpose with the exception of the central prison Roumyeh, but developed in the headquarters of the official institutions of the Serai and municipalities.
Given the premises of non-equipped or prepared originally for housing. The healthy situation is catastrophic prerogative: Rooms not enter the sun does not Insm the air, no water to drink, and bacteria Taut in the place ... not to mention the diseases transmitted from person to person, which is growing in of universal, it is not of medical, rather than doctors originally though they understand not covering the quarter-quarter of those who are in prison are single and even the simplest medical devices that are present in our homes that are not normal in the majority of the prisons filled with the numbers of male and female prisoners?? how can that be??
Call loud protest against the tragic health conditions in the prison of Romans and other prisons, launching a comprehensive report the names of the sick, the disabled and the government, demanding exceptional measures to avoid this health hazard in Lebanese prisons.

Roumyeh prison:
The bigest and the Central Prison, is"Roumyeh Prison," which includes the largest number of prisoners and women prisoners, like other prisons full of overcrowding, and disturbed by the deterioration in health conditions, psychological and social prisoners, and suffers from a lack of health services, medicines, and the absence of reform plans, and social isolation, lack of Sort of prisoners, slow trials, the recalcitrance of deaths, refugees are being held over their sentences ... this better-off the prison and how the most bad situation ?????!!!!
In the "Roumyeh prison” died about 50 prisoners since 2007, the causes of death curtail the prison administration" heart attack "no matter how many were different, and without opening a single investigation, and deceased prisoners: Abdullah seventy (died under torture) - Magdi Sergani - The death of the Nigerian" Hx Obasi "sentenced to five years in the Roumyeh after being transferred to the medical center in prison without knowing the reasons, and after a few days died suspended," Nabil Sagerg "in the intensive care room hospital life as a result stopped working his heart, and on 28 March 2008, died suspended and Sam the prisoner who was taken to hospital after being a heart attack and stroke ...

A list of prisoners and the diseases they suffer from it

This is a small sample compared to the huge number of prisoners of Roumyeh and the rest of the prison, which is the result of 49 inmates suffering from chronic diseases and serious health conditions are harsh:

NB Name of the prisoners Age Prison Deseases
1 Abdalla Mohammed Abdalla 45 D Cancer
2 Filip Abou Haidar 75 D Cancer
3 Khodor Abed Al Hamid Khodor D Needs for surgery (the eyes)
4 Nasser Sabra Gargarina
5 Atif Al Achkar(egyptien) 18
6 Ibrahim Sarhan B Asthma
7 Mohamad Ali Charif B Injured in the events of Roumyeh (lead - bruising ..)
8 Haitham Allaw Different Injured in the events of Roumyeh (lead - bruising ..)
9 Ahmad Hijazzi B Disk
10 Hicham Al Abidin D Needs for surgery (the eyes)
11 Ghassan Al Hajj D Psychatric deseases
12 Ali Noun B
13 Tonny Al Hajj Different
14 Ibrahim Salemeh B Injured in the events of Roumyeh (lead - bruising ..)
15 Ibrahim Allam Injured in the events of Roumyeh (lead - bruising ..)
16 Moustfa Hmaydan 60 B Open Heart surgery need
17 Hasan Al Mekdad B Open Heart surgery need
18 Ali Hasan Nazha Injured in the events of Roumyeh (lead - bruising ..)
19 Ahmad Al Mekdad 60 B Paralysis
20 Raafat Nader karout(Turkish) Injured in the events of Roumyeh (lead - bruising ..)

21 Mohammad Mahmoud Chahhour
22 Gazi Zayter Blood Cancer
23 Imad Salman المحكومين Injured in the events of Roumyeh (lead - bruising ..)

24 Elias Al Khouwaydi D Heart attack
25 Hasan Al Tfayly D Injured in the events of Roumyeh (lead - bruising ..)
26 Talal Chaaban D
27 Richar Sawaya W
28 Walid Izz Aldin W Fractures
29 Hazi Bachir Al Lahib D Heart problems
30 Mohammed Raad D
31 Ahmad Abed Al Kader Yasin D Psychos
32 Mohammed Al Akhras D Fractures
33 Mohammed Nemer Hammoud D Paralise
34 Hassan Zayter D Fractures
35 Nasser Al Halabi D Psychos
36 Abed Al Salam Darwich B Permanent bleeding in the nose
37 Ibrahim Mohammad Chokor B Fractures
38 Mohammed Gader B Infectious diseases
39 Ali Mohammed Mansour B Surgery for his eye
40 Housen Mohamad Hared D Skin problem
41 Haydar Zayat D Hand Broked
42 Ahmad Assad D Cancer
43 Ahmad Ali Barakat Kobeh prison Psychological perturbation
44 Ali Ibrahim Al Sayd Hasan 70 Roumyeh Paralysis
45 Samir Azba D
46 Ali Al Sayed D Paralysis, Hepatitis
47 Mohammed Nemer Hammoud D Paralysis, Hepatitis
48 Youssef Farhat D Hepatitis
49 Hasan Sleim Hepatitis, Tuberculosis

This Table shows us the above table that there are 48 cases in Roumyeh prison (Building D - B - F - and the governed .. and most of them building D) and the situation in the prison of the dome \ Tripoli suffer from a health point of several diseases and conditions of poor health did not pay attention since months and up years, and diseases are:

Cancer Problems in the eyes Gargarina Paralysis
4 4 4 6 1
Tuberculosis Hepatitis Arthritis Heart attack Epilepsy
15 3 3 2 2
Skin deseases Diability Recurrent strokes Psychological Problem Psychatric
2 2 2 1 2
Infectious diseases Fractures Permanent bleeding in the nose
Injured in the events of Roumyeh (lead - bruising ..)
Needs for surgery (the eyes)
1 6 1 7 3

The statistics indicate that there are 35 cases suffering from heart disease and need for operations, and that there are 123 cases suffering from nerves and 26 suffer from skin diseases intractable and that 50% of them suffer from the disease scabies, which is due and the due primarily to lack of hygiene in the rooms and lack of hygiene skin (bath \ change clothes every day ..) and not enter the sun continuously for rooms as well as air and the presence of guests with those suffering from the disease are sick with infection ... The TB is increasing in abundance, which in turn affects the liver and lead to scarring of the liver and that appeared at a number of cases that suffer from it. .
We add that there is one doctor to 3500 prisoners, does not follow the ethics of the medical profession, as there is a medical clinic, but the people of inmates are doing to ensure the medicines to their relatives inside the prison. It is interesting that if you got and that was conducted for any of the prisoners after the exit of the prisoners are demanding that pay allowance costs of the operation conducted by a law which is at the expense of the state .

During the 35 visit of Khiam Rehabilitation Center to the prisoners and prisoners on 14 Lebanese prisons (Roumyeh - Nabatiyeh - Tibnin - Kobeh\ Tripoli \ women and men - Jeb Jenin - Aley \ Dahr Albachk - Tyre - Baabda for women - Jezzine - Saida - Zahle prison for women - Barbar Khazen for women - Rashaya) were detected for a number of diseases in male and female prisoners, through the work of 3 years of the center and according to the previews and statements of various medical afternoon of 41 different diseases between (skin - physical \ internal – psychological).

Diseases of skin which has suffered the prisoners, the majority of them because of their exposure to the sun and in sufficient quantity to protect them from the non-proliferation of viruses and microbes, and quickly and the room humid and parasites that accumulate due to humidity, which cause their chest diseases from asthma (6) and thus disease colds and infections, almonds (25 cases) and bronchi pulmonary (55 cases) other skin disease: allergies in the skin (74 cases), eczema (11 cases), fungi (86 cases), alopecia (9) psoriasis (5 cases), scabies (12 cases) and other diseases and abscess infections nail skin and Varez in the foot and also contributes to the increase in these diseases and easily owned in the body of guest not eating regularly and the quality of food and the speed of healing the sick, and these in turn lead to inflammation in the membrane of the stomach (ulcers \ 41 cases). The diseases of the joints and bones appear when each guest and remove it if no especially lower back pain (71 cases) osteoporosis (3 cases) the lack of mobility and walking (54 cases suffering from severe pain) and due to sit for long hours and lack of work, poor nutrition and lack of regular eating. Followed by diseases: hypertension (6 cases) - fats in the blood (8 cases) - diabetes (13 cases), a result of frustration and also the lack of attention to the patient's health since the beginning and thus to malnutrition and the diseases and ailments: pain in the head (26) migraine (13 cases ) - nerves (11 cases) - depression (28 cases) - and anxiety Permanent (3) paid to provide the psychological factor and the pressure experienced by the guest of fear and worry and think about punishment and how the supervisors and those responsible for the guest with them, especially when moving from one prison to another and smoking ... . And inflammation in the liver (3) and inflammation of the urinary tract (19 cases) and the sand is the result of non-clean water often and therefore do not drink regularly or sufficient quantity of water on a daily basis.
As for diseases, including chronic (diabetes - ulcers - pressure - fat ...) some of them were present when the prisoners out of prisons are increasing to the lack of interest in the delivery of drugs to their respective holders.
The incidents condemn, and which took place on 01.03.2012 is the death of Palestinian youth Hussam Almaara result dose OVERDOSE, and that before the 3 days of his death gave release and before the New Year's Day one, the deceased may feel pain in his chest and told the guards that were taken that to the doctor but did not care for his health..What was the guest but rebelled and loud voices from the windows of the building and they have to contact the Member, the Committee of Relatives of detainees in Lebanese prisons, "Ali Khalil Akil”, but the guest patient had died and that after investigations brought management prison forensics expert for the autopsy (and the body was the color slash to severe cyanosis) and found the people then it has at its own expense they had to pay $ 600.
And other cases such as guest Ahmed Miqdad who needs open-heart surgery and needs to Rossor but noted his internal security forces that they do not have Rossor and therefore does not make anything to him and another needs to make a laser to one of his eyes and put the material is bad It is not in possession of the costs of operation and therefore were held to him, and Iraqi nationality, suffering from gangrene in his toe, which is from bad to worse and that Iraq does not look to his health, and like the Sudanese foreign nationality and because they are not treated or seen their health ..

Lebanese prisons that do not meet the international standards for prisons and some jails and private areas should be closed, but this requires a government plan to address this purely humanitarian issue which did not give the required importance to date.
Overcrowding within the prison rooms so that there are many prison inmates outnumber its ability to accommodate these numbers of prisoners (prison Kobeh - Jeb Jenin prison – Romyeh prison...)

It is necessary to separate some of the prisoners from the others (those who suffer from chronic
and infectious, as smokers, and the separation of prisoners according to their actions criminal. And the issue of overcrowding of these must be followed by a solution in the expeditious conduct of trials for those who are without a trial, which account for about 60% of the the prisoners.
The absence of health care organization and the lack of doctors, specialty essential and therefore control over the medical work is reflected manifestations in the emergence of many diseases, proliferation and thus the presence of mortality and with young age due to the accelerated Maagathm health, which was the last of the victim Raymond Muslim in prison Roumyeh, who died on 14 / 12/2011. The number of those who died in prison in Romyeh and about 60 other prison inmates. (Statistics and the World Organization for Human Rights) This requires coordination between the departments of prisons - on health work - and make it linked to the Ministry of Health as a whole.
It is imperative that the other ministries that play a role in the education and rehabilitation and to accelerate the transfer of prison administrations to the Ministry of Justice
The prison administration is to take care of prisoners who complain of lack of medicine or physical inability to secure permanent and ordered the inmate to facilitate transactions when they are in need of tests or surgery is.
It is worth drawing attention to the importance of treating departments of prisons for inmates as a human being, and that must be the staff inside the prison are eligible for that work and coach him and this requires the supervisors of the prison and the competent authorities of public scrutiny of this matter and other matter, and therefore the implementation of the sessions of the gendarmes, prison guards and staff the entire prison on how to handle and deal with the inmates ..
Prisons in Lebanon, a hotbed of disease and epidemics, anxiety, and professional crime and most of the deaths were the result of neglect and lack of health care and health monitoring, inspection visits, which requires urgent steps to avoid disaster health in prisons.
This small sample did not include all the prisons did not observe all the diseases, especially in Roumyeh prison. Which requires urgent action from the Ministry of Health to oversee the full prisons and promote medical cadre, medicines and medical supplies.
The Lebanese government to adhere to medical services as set minimum rules for the treatment of prisoners and in particular Article 22, "should be available in every prison services, a qualified doctor and at least one shall be at least mm psychiatry, and remains the organization of medical services closely Department of Public Health, and include the branch of Psychiatrty in order to diagnose and treat mental abnormalities as necessary.
And that the transferred prisoners who require specialist care to jails to hospitals or specialized civilian and remains that are available in the prison treatment services provided by hospitals. And be available to every prisoner to benefit dental services in women's prisons should be available to provide facilities for the care and treatment before and after birth and take the necessary measures to provide a nursery staffed by qualified persons.
And the prison doctor that the officer shall regularly inspect the following aspects:
- The amount of food quality and preparation.
- How to follow the rules of health and hygiene in the prison and the prisoners.
- The case of sanitation, heating, lighting and ventilation in prison.
- The quality and cleanliness of prisoners' clothing and bedding.
- Compliance with the rules relating to religious education, sports, and shall visit daily and shall reside near enough to be able to attend without delay in cases of emergency.
Unfortunately, this is absent in Lebanese prisons and there is often collusion between prison

departments and some doctors who Aatakidon profession of medicine and ethics are their professional duties.

1 - Linking prisons Ministry of Public Health and a network of government hospitals in the provinces.
2 – It has to be available in every prison, at least: public health physician, a dermatologist, a psychiatrist, a gynecologist in women's prisons, sports coach or trainer.
3 – It have to be that is available in every prison: pharmacy, medicine, Brad, machines to measure the pressure, diabetes....
4 - Treatment of drug addicts at the expense of the Ministry of Health.
5 - Preventive health seminars periodically in all prisons.
6 - The release of the severe conditions that can not hope transferred to civil hospitals.
7 - The implementation of vocational training courses, sewing, craftwork, makeup, maintenance of phones.....
8 - Training courses for prison staff on how the humane treatment of prisoners and respect human dignity.
9 - Take care of guests and residents, especially foreigners who have finished their prison terms and are still in prison.
10 - Attention to infrastructure of prisons, toilets, water, furniture.
11 - Classification of inmates into categories according to age and the crime.
12 - Quick decision in the trial of those arrested or released.
13 - The reasons for the investigation of all deaths in prisons and those perpetrators of acts of torture.

The health situation in prisons should be the priority of the government because the health of the prisoner and human dignity, in spite of all what you are doing some of the associations and foreign embassies, but this remains of the duties of the state and its role is the basis and the slow processing will lead to continued explosion of time bombs in prisons.
Again and again we say: Stop the medical massacre in the prisons of Lebanon.

10/1/2012 Khiam Rehabiliation Center For Victims of Torture
International organization for Human Rights
Cometti of the family of lebanese prisoner