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Report of December 10 activities,2011
Report of the activities in the occasion of December 10,
The International Day for Human Rights

On the occasion of the tenth of December International Day of Human Rights and the aim of spreading the culture of human rights and the promotion and protection of rights in Lebanon, systems Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture in a project funded by the NSA and the European Union in partnership with the IRCT several activities.
On 24 \ 16 \ 2011 KRC organized a workshop at the Holiday Inn down the Hotel under the title: the National Plan for Human Rights and the Arab spring, participated in the workshop, representatives from the Ministries of Interior and the National Education and Public Security and a host of associations working in the field of human rights and against violence, torture, and after discussion and exchange of opinions issued the following recommendations:
Launch a broad dialogue on human rights in Lebanon's civil and political rights, economic, social, cultural, environmental, and consider the report of the Lebanon, which passed in the meeting of the universal periodic review in the Human Rights Council on 17 March 2011 based on the national plan being based on a global pledge to Lebanon to implement it before the highest authority of human rights in the world, give priority to the issue of socio-economic, unemployment, prisons, the judiciary and to be the cause of women the essence of the national plan as a true measure of commitment to human rights, separation of the establishment of national preventive mechanism to prevent torture from the draft decision of the National Commission for Human Rights, because the integration of preventive mechanism at the National weaken the preventive mechanism and limits the validity, the acceleration of the preventive mechanism to prevent torture to face the explosive situation in the prison of Romans and Lebanese prisons, attention to the suffering of the tragic Palestinian refugees and especially deficient in paperwork, and appeal to the government the adoption of their human rights and civil and attention to refugees other foreigners away from the racism and treated in a humane manner that preserves their human dignity, an invitation Ministry of National Education and Higher Education to include the subject of human rights in educational curricula and the mind of basic learning materials to promote a culture of human rights and confront concepts of sectarianism nestled among the students, demanding the government to speed up the development of a national plan to address the conditions of prisons and the welfare of disabled persons and their integration in society, and promote the development women and to stop the prosecution of human rights defenders and the submission of overdue reports to the Human Rights Council and ratified a number of international conventions and humane treatment to the issue of missing persons and the establishment of a genuine dialogue with civil society and participation in the implementation of the recommendations of the UPR and the holding of periodic meetings of civil society and strengthen the coordination process, including .
Activities in the private and public schools in Lebanon
Included activities throughout the week, most of the public and private schools, with the publication of the Minister of Education Professor Hassan Diab circular No. 29/3/2011, he called on all those responsible for universities and high schools and public and private schools to actively participate in the revival of this global event, through the allocation of a class full 9/12/2011 or in the 10/12/2011 to introduce to the students the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and distribute them and teach them the principles of non-violence, torture and sectarian destructive and to promote the concept of peace, tolerance, justice, equality and civil peace, in addition to organizing exhibitions on human rights violations by drawing contests and writing stories, in collaboration with the Center for tents and to facilitate his entry in to school.
The center received many calls from schools from all regions of Lebanon they want our staff to visit there schools and explain the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and some schools marked the occasion by organizing activities, theater and show a drawing.
As for the publication of the Center: the Center issued a brochure on human rights and posters in addition to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights have been distributed to nearly five thousand copies of these versions on schools and educational institutions.
The Center received the drawings from school fees centered about torture in prisons, domestic violence, discrimination between men and women, child rights, right to health, right to the flag.... Demand justice and improve public schools.
We can say that hundred of schools of Lebanon commemorated the occasion in its own way, the first time in the history of Lebanon is entering the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to the schools participating in the activity is not only students, but thousands of teachers and of course the families of the students. We recall here some of examples.
• In the School of Ali bin Abi Talib - destinations (Beirut) has been preparing for the activity and widely opened activity playing the Lebanese national anthem and active destination by the Task Scouts purposes, and was then recited verses from the Koran, then gave Mr. Jinan word school and then the students show films about the human rights situation (domestic violence, the concept of human rights) and the word of the Centre for tents on human rights and the need to criminalize violence and torture, and then was to move to the courtyard of the stadium to attend a play prepared by students on human rights and torture of women in prison and then was the opening of Gallery painted by students, which reflect the social reality in Lebanon.
• The professionalism of Aita al-Shaab in the south was the distribution of brochures and explanation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the students were then contact the center and object to the distribution to students, especially object to Article 18 of the Declaration, which stipulates freedom of the person to change his religion. The discussion centered around their school and the failure of the Ministry of Education of the needs of the absence of a fireplace, especially as the weather region is very cold, and then for failing to secure the needs of the professional tools by the Ministry and as a student because most students their financial narrow and that these must be at the expense of the ministry, so that the panels rows obsolete old.. and he must look to the rights of students of that, and which ones are the rest of the rights .. and during the discussion of rights the focus was on the right to liberty and equality .. and other questions that focused on their right to live in dignity as citizens of the Western moment of his birth is secured, from the state.
• The school students in Beirut: a fair for the school on the occasion of World Day for Human Rights and the exhibition included images representing childhood deprivation and child labor and home and safe housing respected and the rights of people with special needs from the practice of sport and integration...
And view a film about child labor in Lebanon and the world, the project was prepared by the teacher and secondary school students shoot and edit on working children in Lebanon, about one hundred thousand children under the age of 18 are working in occupations metal smiting auto mechanics and other interests.
And sent us to good schools (South) fees for the children say, the right to play, the right knowledge, right to life, and ask UNESCO to protect children and the right to own a home and prevent violence in schools and society.
Campaign has raised international day for human rights in schools, great enthusiasm and encouraged the teachers to pay attention to the principles of human rights and reflected broad participation in the schools in the preparation and the preparation of films and plays, condemning torture and calling for human rights, aid and some were heard for the first time by the way.
After this extensive campaign actors and activities that took place in schools, KRC send a letter to the Minister of Education, where thanks to issue a circular on the World Day of Human Rights was to propose the following:
- The international day of Human Rights to be an annual event celebrating in the schools, universities and high schools, and professionals by doing different activities.
- Integrate the principles of human rights in the educational programs
- View graphics drawn by the children and students in the gallery in 2012 and to provide incentive awards.
- Reconstruction of the play carried out by the school students' Ali bin Abi Taleb asked about violence in schools is different.
- That there will be bigger and preparation prior to this and with the participation of associations and organizations interested.
- Issue a pamphlet activities carried out by the Centre on this occasion in 2012, includes graphics students.

3/1/2012 Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture