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Recommendations of the workshop
Recommendations of the workshop under the titel “the National Plan for Human Rights and the Arab spring”.

Within the framework of the NSA project and in the occasion of December 10,the International Day of Human Rights, Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture organize a workshop in Hotel Holiday Inn down on 24 \ 16 \ 2011 under the title: the National Plan for Human Rights and the Arab spring, representatives from the Ministries of Interior and the National Education and Security year, and many associations working in the field of human rights and against violence, torture, participated in the workshop, and after discussion and exchange of opinions issued the following recommendations:

1 - The launch of a broad dialogue on human rights in Lebanon's civil and political rights, economic, social, cultural, environmental, especially that Lebanon has the advantages enable it to play a leading role in the Arab spring, spring of human rights, democracy and justice and against impunity and the criminalization of violence and torture.

2 - The participants commended the efforts to declare the National Plan for Human Rights and the National Plan, but they considered it a general theory does not touch the Lebanese situation did not lay a finger on the wound and determine the priorities and objectives of their struggle.

3 - Considered the report of Lebanon, which passed in the meeting of the universal periodic review in the Human Rights Council on 17 March 2011 as the basis of the national plan based on a global pledge to Lebanon to implement it before the highest authority of human rights in the world.

4 - Meeting underlined the objective diagnosis for the problems of Lebanon by giving priority to the issue of socio-economic, unemployment, prisons, the judiciary and to be the cause of women the essence of the national plan as a true measure of commitment to human rights.

5 - Call of the Parliamentary Committee for Human Rights to the approach is effective for the issue of sectarianism because it is crippling both the development of democratic and civilian, and without addressing the issue of sectarianism loses the national plan the content and can not talk about the independence of the judiciary or for informing a uniform or a democratic parliament, sectarianism, human rights opposites.

6 - Establishment of separate national preventive mechanism to prevent torture from the draft decision of the National Commission for Human Rights, because the integration of preventive mechanism at the National preventive mechanism weakens and limits of validity, calling for the acceleration of the preventive mechanism to prevent torture to face the explosive situation in Roumyeh prison and Lebanese prisons.

7 - The meeting noted that the human rights movement in Lebanon, in falling, it's prosecutions of human rights defenders, to the escalation of targeted racism, to restrictions on public freedoms and personal, and high crimes of murder, robbery and rape, to the gross violations of economic and social rights of citizens that The Balglae and power outages wave of labor strikes and trade union, which requires that human rights organizations, given economic and social rights and environmental programs as well as civil and political rights.

8 - The participants expressed resentment at the marginalization of civil society bodies and organizations involved in the formulation and development of the National Plan for Human Rights, the Committee of the Parliamentary Human Rights marginalized civil society did not Taatat him as a partner in the preparation of the plan, but just a quick counseling and raise lintel. National plan is a bridge between civil society and the state
and this did not touch despite the passage of
Five years to begin to prepare the plan.

9 - The participants stopped in front of the tragic suffering of Palestinian refugees and especially deficient paperwork, urging the government approved the humanitarian and civil rights and interest in other foreign refugees away from the racism and treated in a humane manner that preserves their human dignity.

10 – Calling the Ministry of National Education and Higher Education to include the subject of human rights in educational curricula and the mind of basic learning materials to promote a culture of human rights and confront concepts of sectarianism nestled among the students, and noting the invitation of Minister of Education to mark the international day for human rights in educational institutions and private.

11 – calling the civil society organizations to strengthen their unity and away from work factional and political and sectarian divisions, through the formation of a coordinating committee or coordinating council includes all workers in the field of human rights and anti-violence and torture to meet the Coordinating Board each month to exchange views and develop plans of struggle common on priorities of concern to the Lebanese and non-Lebanese and monitor various violations and respond jointly.

12 - Ask the government to speed up the development of a national plan to address the conditions of prisons and the welfare of disabled persons and their integration in society, and promote the development of women and to stop the prosecution of human rights defenders and the submission of overdue reports to the Human Rights Council and ratified a number of international conventions and the humane treatment of the issue of missing persons and the establishment of a genuine dialogue with the bodies civil society and participation in the implementation of the recommendations of the UPR UPR.