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Appeal to help Khiam Center
Appeal to support KRC

Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture send an appeal to all friends and lovers, institutions and personalities to provide support to the center so it can continue in the struggle against violence, to

Aman Network

Aman Network for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence and Torture in the Middle East and North Africa send an appeals to the international community and all defenders of human rights and anti-violence and torture for u

An appeal to the international coimmunity: the legitimate rights of Kurds in Syria most not be ignored
The recent events in the Syrian National Council are concerning, where the majority of the Kurd members have withdrew from the Council as their demands were ignored. The Kurdish demands in Syria after the fall of Assad's regime are the following:

Free Ebrahim Sharif
The first trial of the Secretary-General of the National Democratic Action Society (Waad), Ebrahim Sharif, is due to be heard in front of a martial court in the Kingdom of Bahrain on Sunday morning, amidst continued violations of his legal and consti

Urgent appeal to the UN to protect the peopole of Bahrain
Urgent Appeal
Bahrainis urgent appeal from the threat of foreign army from outside the border

Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the distinguished
Secretary-General of the United Nation

We, the people of

Attacks against Health professionals
Amnesty International researchers in Bahrain have gathered testimonies from health professionals who report being
attacked by security

Libya:OMCT & HRC call on the international community to urge Libya
LIBYA: OMCT and HRS call on the international community to urge Libya to put an end
to the violent repression of peaceful demonstrations
Geneva, 22 February 2011. The World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) a

Egypt: Al Karama calls on High Commissioner tro urgent demand
Egypt – Alkarama calls on High Commissioner to urgently demand that pro-government groups halt violence against peaceful demonstrators
02 February 2011

In a call for the protection of the Egyptian population, Alkarama ha

Sudan: Arrest of Dr.Abdelbasit Murgany

SDN 002 / 1210 / OBS 146

Arrest / Incommunicado detention /
Risk of torture and ill-treatments

Torture Case; Imad Atwi
Report on Torture Case / Imad Atwi
8 July, 2010

On Sunday 27th of June, 2010 an Israeli army unit crossed the border with Lebanon and abducted the Lebanese citizen Imad Atwi i

Lebanon: Investigate Seizure of Human Rights Lawyer’s Passport
For immediate release

Lebanon: Investigate Seizure of Human Rights Lawyer’s Passport

General Security Held N

Free Foreign Prisoners When Sentences End
Lebanon: Free Foreign Prisoners When Sentences End

Continued Detention Not Based on Judicial or Administrative Orders
(Beirut, February 25, 20

Support Hana Shalbi
Date of birth: 2 July 1982
Place of detention: Hasharon prison
Date of arrest: 14 September 2009
Place of residence: Burqin, Jenin
Postal address:
Hasharon P