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we dont want new missing
Here's been years and we are waiting, we live in pain to wait and hope the black franck muller black croco replica meeting.
Ten years, twenty years and we are waiting on the sidewalks, sit-ins, seminars, the cries of their loved ones are looking for the cause of our existence, our hearts are the pulses of life are for us.
From the depths of the depths of Alhawk greet us, we, the mothers of the missing to mothers of who have lost on May 22 in Halab, and a tribute to their wives, their parents and their children and all their loved ones.
This crime has affected us, and we have raised the memory of kidnapping of our children, and revived feelings of sadness and grief that had been around our faith in all these years to surrender to the will of God, and a hope that they return again.
This crime has awakened in us all that the past carries the trauma of kidnapping, crying, sadness, tragedy and that we have lived then, so we felt as if our sons and our husbands were kidnapped a second time.
Kidnapped in all countries of the world isone and hijacker is one, kidnapping is a crime against humanity, violating the right to life, the right to human dignity, a crime can not be justified whatever the kidnapper or the kidnapped or place of abduction.
Sorry, how the kidnapping, which represents the most heinous violation of human rights, is still a game of adults in the twenty-first century, and still the innocent are the victims.
Today we are as we condemn the crimes of kidnapping, whatever the causes, motives, and call upon all officials all the defenders of human rights and against enforced disappearances to make utmost efforts to criminalize abductions, enforced disappearances and to work for the return of all missing persons into the arms of their loved ones and the arms of the nation.
On behalf of mothers who lost loved ones, on behalf of mothers burned longing to uncover the fate of their children, as mothers waited years and're still waiting for our children draw a greeting to all fabulous replica patek philippe calatrava mothers and fathers of their children abducted in Halab, hoping to reveal the fate and released the day before tomorrow.
We do not want new missing
We do not want new missing