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- Safa speech after his return read more

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- Side event invitation in Geneva on November 2,2015 read more 22/10/2015

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- Summary of other Stakeholders information read more 22/10/2015

- Civil society and other submissions read more 22/10/2015

- Compilation of UN information read more 22/10/2015

- Recommondation of Khiam center to the 23rd session of UPR in Geneva on November 2,2015 read more 15/10/2015

- Jeb Jenin prison, how it was  how it become read more 4/8/2015

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Statement about the UNCAT report read more 21/10/2014

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- statement sent to the Prime Minister & Ministers about UPR report read more 17/9/2014

- Meeting of the Secretary General of Khiam Center & Director of AlKarama Center to Dr.Michel Moussa about the UPR read more 3/9/2014

- Statement given to the minister of Justice about the UPR read more 28/8/2014

- Speech of the Secretary General Of KRC in the occasion of June 26 read more 30/6/2014

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